Mountain Fort

Mountain Fort

Pieces you need:

 2 large rectangles

 2 arches

2 triangles 

2 semi-circles

1 play mat

2 small rectangles



✔️ Step 1: Place one semi-circle in its arch to form a rectangle. Then place it down on the ground on the long thin side about 3 feet apart from the other arch that will not have a semi-circle in the arch.

✔️ Step 2: Place the two large rectangles on the ground facing the opposite direction of the arches to form a square on the ground.

✔️ Step 3: Place the playmat on top bending down in a V with the edges resting on the rectangles.

✔️ Step 4: Place the remaining semi-circle on top of the empty arch and a small rectangle on top of the filled arch.

✔️ Step 5: Place the second small rectangle flat on the ground on one of the rectangle sides with a triangle sitting on top. Place the other triangle in front of the first triangle.