One toy. Endless ways to play.

Create a world of imagination in your living room with an 11 piece play couch.

What's a play couch?

Kids' Couch

WASHABLE modular kids' couch.

11 Light-Weight Pieces

Rearrange into endless configurations.

Endless Possibilities

Create forts, shops, castles & more.

Different day. Different way to play.

Pretend play

Transform your play couch into a car, a magical castle, a pirate ship, or a cozy cave.

Energy buster

Burn energy while enhancing their coordination, balance, and gross motor skills.

Family time

Everyone joins in to build puppet theatres, grocery stores or put on a show with a stage.

So much more than a toy

Work together

Fosters collaboration as kids rely on each other to build together.

Hang out time

Make quiet time more appealing with a fun build for reading, resting or recharging.

Gross motor skills

Practice physical therapy at home with builds & games that develop strength and coordination.

Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch

 Save the sofa by giving the kids their own to make pillow forts to they don’t destroy yours

✔ Keep kids off the screen by having a toy that feels new every day they’ll forget to ask for iPad time.

✔  Burn extra energy before school or bedtime so that it’s easier to sit still or fall asleep

✔  Practice gross motor skills by climbing, jumping, crawling, building strength and more.

Get even more build ideas

Endless possibilites with one play couch

Play Panels

Available in five fun scenes