One toy. Endless ways to play.

Create a world of imagination in your living room with an 11 piece play couch.

What's a play couch?

Kids' Couch

WASHABLE modular kids' couch.

11 Light-Weight Pieces

Rearrange into endless configurations.

Endless Possibilities

Create forts, shops, castles & more.

Different day. Different way to play.

Pretend play

Transform your play couch into a car, a magical castle, a pirate ship, or a cozy cave.

Energy buster

Burn energy while enhancing their coordination, balance, and gross motor skills.

Family time

Everyone joins in to build puppet theatres, grocery stores or put on a show with a stage.

So much more than a toy

Work together

Fosters collaboration as kids rely on each other to build together.

Hang out time

Make quiet time more appealing with a fun build for reading, resting or recharging.

Gross motor skills

Practice physical therapy at home with builds & games that develop strength and coordination.

Kids' 11 Piece Play Couch

 Save the sofa by giving the kids their own to make pillow forts to they don’t destroy yours

✔ Keep kids off the screen by having a toy that feels new every day they’ll forget to ask for iPad time.

✔  Burn extra energy before school or bedtime so that it’s easier to sit still or fall asleep

✔  Practice gross motor skills by climbing, jumping, crawling, building strength and more.

Get even more build ideas

Endless possibilites with one play couch

Play Panels

Available now in five fun scenes