Making a rocketship play couch build

blue background and cartoon rocketship flying in space

Pieces Needed:

  • 1 Connected Playmat
  • 2 Rectangles
  • 2 Arches
  • 2 Semi-Circles
  • 2 Triangles
  • 2 Arm Rests


1. Stand up the big connected playmat on its side and open to make a V. The opening of the V is the front of the rocket ship.

2. Take the arches and place one arch on the ground at the front of the V with the arch opening facing the sky. Place the other arch on top to close the cirlce.

3. Place the triangle shapes on top with the right angles touching each other to form a single isosceles triangle.

4. Place the arm rests at the front of the rocketship, one on each side of the arch. Have them standing tall.

5. Place one semi-circle in front of the standing arm rest on each side. 

6. Lay the rectangles flat on the ground to form one in front of the other to create a long ramp into the rocket-ship.

navy play couch turned into a rocketship