Floating Couch

Floating Couch

Pieces you need:

 2 large rectangles

 2 arches

2 triangles 

2 arm-rests

2 semi-circles

1 play mat


✔️ Step 1: Place the semi-circles in their arches and place them down on the ground parallel to each other with about 1 foot in between.

✔️ Step 2: Place the two large rectangles down on the ground about a foot away from each arch/semi-circle rectangle. You will now have 4 rectangles on the ground spaced out in a row.

✔️ Step 3: Place the  large playmat piece on top. Make sure the bend is towards the sky and not a V to the ground. 

✔️ Step 4: Place the triangle backrests and small rectangle armrests in typical couch position.

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