Pieces you need:

1 play mat

 2 large rectangles

 2 arches

 2 semi-circles

1 small rectangle (optional)



✔️ Step 1: Bend your large play mat into an L shape and stand it on its side in a L. This creates two walls of the store.

✔️ Step 2: For your third wall/store front you will place a large rectangle down on it's long skinny side with an arch piece directly on top as a window.

✔️ Step 3: For the final wall you can change up the pieces depending if the kids want a door or tunnel or open space to enter the store. For a tunnel you can stack the rectangle on top of the arch. For an opening, you can stand the rectangle vertical and leave a wide open gap. You can use other small shapes to close off the top or act as a door.

✔️ Step 4: Use the remaining shapes as decoration such as semi-circles on the top of the store or a small rectangle to act as a ledge on the outside of the store.

✔️ Step 5 (Optional): Set it up near your play kitchen to incorporate pretend food and play grocery store. Or use any items around the house to play store.

grey play couch used as a store with kids playing

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