Reverse Sloth

Reverse Sloth

Pieces you need:

 2 large rectangles

 2 arches

2 triangles 

2 arm-rests

1 play mat

reverse sloth play couch build


✔️ Step 1: Place the playmat flat on the ground. 

✔️ Step 2: Place the small rectangles down on their long thin side parallel to each other on the play mat about 20 inches apart in the centre of the play mat.

✔️ Step 3: Place down the large rectangles flat on top of the short rectangles, one on top of the other.

✔️ Step 4: Put the arches side by side on top of the stacked rectangles.

✔️ Step 5: Use the triangles as decorations on the playmat to complete the build.


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