Restaurant Booth

Restaurant Booth

restaurant booth

Pieces you need:

1 playmat

2 arches

2 triangles

2 large rectangles

2 small rectangles

2 semi-circles 



✔️ Step 1: Lay the play mat on the floor.

✔️ Step 2: Place on large rectangles on top of the play mat, one per side. The rectangle long side is lined up with the play mat short side.

✔️ Step 3: Place the small rectangles on the playmat in the centre right beside each other to form a table base.

✔️ Step 4: Put the semi-circles on top of the small rectangles facing each other to make a circle shaped table.

✔️ Step 5: Optional: Place the arch on top of the large rectangle to create a chair. Triangles can go anywhere to add to the build.


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