Encanto Casita

Encanto Casita

Pieces you need:

1 playmat

2 large rectangles

2 arches

2 small rectangles

2 triangles 

2 semi-circles (optional)



✔️ Step 1: Grab your playmat and one large rectangle. Place the short side of the large rectangle on the ground so it is standing tall. Bend the play mat into an inverted L and balance it on the rectangle.

✔️ Step 2: Position the two small rectangles beside the first structure with an arch on top connecting them to create the casita door.

✔️ Step 3: For the left of the casita, place a large rectangle down on its long thin side with an arch on top to create a window.

✔️ Step 4:  Place the two triangles on top of the play mat back to back to form a pointed roof.

✔️ Step 5 (Optional): Position the semi-circles wherever you like to complete the build. 

encanto casita play couch build

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