Why Our Waterproof Liners are NOT Optional

Why Our Waterproof Liners are NOT Optional

We include waterproof liners under every piece of our play couch. This means that we need twice the fabric and twice the cutting and sewing but we feel that not only is this step worth it but necessary.


Protect Your Investment

Play furniture is an investment and we want that investment to last as long as possible. It’s why we use a high-density foam, it’s why we use upgraded zippers and it’s why we don’t even make it optional to have waterproof liners on our play couches. We don’t want any family out there to experience the disappointment of ruining their play couch when they realize a sippy cup has spilled and leaked through the external covers. We do not want your foam to get wet and risk mold so it was extremely important to us to ensure that no liquid can get through.



When the external covers are being washed we treat these inner liners as a safety measure. There have been countless incidents with other products where children and pets alike eat foam that is exposed. There are other families who have had their children rip apart their foam on washing day. We pride ourselves on ensuring our product is safe. Having liners over our foam to ensure they are covered at all times was essential to us being able to create a product that is safe for your family.


Ease of Changing Covers

While it is not difficult to remove and replace our fabric covers for washing, we will say that the inner liners make it that much easier. Instead of dealing with the friction from the foam, having a protective liner on top of the foam reduces that friction and makes it easier to put those covers back in place.