Why Every Home Daycare Needs A Play Couch

Why Every Home Daycare Needs A Play Couch

Anytime a bunch of toddlers get together, it will inevitably be loud, messy and a little sticky. So when anything fabric is in the area, it stands that eventually the fabric will get dirty and need to be cleaned. Not so easy when the fabric is your sofa in the daycare with cushions that cannot come off! 

Enter. The Play Couch.

The play couch provides a great alternative for seating in a home daycare as the covers are removable and can go in the laundry. This keeps furniture sanitary.

On top of that, waterproof liners protect the cushions from liquid damage stemming from sippy cup spills or potty-training accidents. Who wants their sofa ruined by a three year old who forgot to tell you that they need to use the potty? Waterproof liners are a lifesaver that protects the investment in your furniture.

We also know that kids will find a way to make anything dangerous and eating foam is not off limits. That is why we have also made sure to include zipper pockets in our design so that little hands cannot unzip the fabric covers to try and access the foam. It also protects from zipper damage against the body if a pillow lands square in the face.

Another benefit for home daycares is that anything you purchase for the home daycare is a write off! What’s a write off? You just write it off! In all seriousness, in most of the world, it is a  business expense that you purchased and you can deduct it on your tax return from your income.

We think our play couch is perfectly suited for home daycares because it comes with so many pieces- 11 to be in fact. Standard play couches only come with four pieces which are not enough to share with everyone and also don’t come with some smaller easy-to-lift shapes that pre-schoolers can participate in moving around themselves. 

If you are thinking of updating your home daycare furniture, check out Barumba Play for your space!