Using Your Play Couch for Physical Therapy

Using Your Play Couch for Physical Therapy

Using Your Play Couch for Physical Therapy

Play couches can be excellent at home therapy tools to practice working on physical development skills. The modular nature of the foam cushions make them safe and versatile to adapt to individual physical therapy programs. 

Depending on your family’s location, needs and insurance coverage you may even find that a play couch purchase is a qualified expense for reimbursement.

While we recommend you always consult your physical or occupational therapist about what exercises are right for your child, these are some of the methods that families have shared with us they have used with their children to practice meeting their physical milestones. 

baby walking on living room floor with a couch in background

Learn to cruise

Lay cushions in a long row at waist height of the child to give them a soft place to practice walking with assistance. The arm rest pieces laid on top of the rectangles can be a good starting place to get the right height. Another option is to make two symmetrical rows of cushions for your child to walk between and have cushions placed to hold on to while walking.

Learn to climb on to the couch

Some families use their play couch pieces to create steps (almost like pet stairs) and a landing pad at the base of the family sofa to give their little ones the opportunity to go up the steps and get onto the couch independently while simultaneously having a soft place on the floor for any misses. 

Muscle development

The play couch pieces are small enough for young children to lift up independently, so they are a great safe way for kids to practice lifting and lowering cushions while helping build play couch structures. They get to practice hand-eye coordination, use a variety of muscle groups- all while having fun and participating in the action!