Unboxing Your Play Couch

Unboxing Your Play Couch

Your Barumba Play™ couch shows up on your doorstep and you’re wondering what to expect?

Keep reading for everything you need to know for when your play couch arrives.

How many boxes does it come in? 

The play couch arrives in one tall box measuring 16x16x36 inches. We use a special machine to compress the foam and roll your play couch into a cylinder to fit in the box.  

How long can it stay in the box?

We manufacture our play couches in Canada in small batches so they are never in the box for very long. If you need to keep it in the box for a few more weeks once it arrives, it will be totally fine. Just know that the longer the foam is compressed in the box, the longer it will take to fully decompress and regain its original firmness. 

What happens when I open it?

When you open your box you will see a white coloured roll and wonder if we sent you the wrong colour! This is your waterproof liners on the foam. Your cover set is hiding inside. 

Take your foam roll out of the box and carefully use scissors to cut open the plastic. The play couch will immediately start to puff up to its full size. Inside the roll you will find your play couch cover set.

There is a paper instruction booklet in the box too which will recap the washing instructions.

Play couch foam can take up to a few weeks to become totally firm, depending on how long it was in the box before opening. 


Why is the cover set rolled inside?

The cover set can be found inside for a few reasons. When the cover set is put on the foam and compressed for shipping, it gets very wrinkly and does not look too nice. We wanted it to be perfect for you so found it much better to leave it off the foam for shipping. We also recommended washing the cover set so this makes it easier than taking the cover set off right away.

Why do I need to wash the cover set?

Have you ever bought a pair of blue jeans or a bright coloured shirt that turned your whites a new colour in the wash? We don’t want any colour transfer to happen on your carpet or walls so we recommend washing the cover set in cold water (hang to dry) to ensure that there is no colour transfer, especially in dark or bright colours.

Tip: Close the zippers during washing and open during drying.

Can I use the play couch right away?

Yes you can use the play couch right away with just the waterproof liners on it while you wash the cover set.

What do I do after the covers are washed?

After your covers are washed and back on the foam, there are zipper pockets for you to tuck the zippers in. These are there to prevent the zippers from scratching floors or walls. They also prevent curious little ones from having access to the foam. 

Okay, now I need ideas for what to build!

We are regularly posting build ideas on all our social media. Check our Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, Pinterest or Facebook regularly  for new ideas. We also post a Build of the Month right here.