Toys For Siblings To Share

Toys For Siblings To Share

Are there any parents out there who dread birthdays and holidays just a tiny little bit because they know how many new toys are going to be coming into the home, taking up space and generally contributing to clutter? 

We feel the same way. We don’t want to deprive our children of presents (or grandparents from buying them) but we also don’t want to feel like every holiday means we need to buy another toy chest. We especially don’t like when the new toys are poorly made plastic that break within minutes or hours of play. 

While kids are individuals with unique interests and hobbies, sometimes it can be nice to have one larger gift that can be shared among siblings rather than many little presents entering the home.

Here are some of our favourite shared presents.

  1. Play Kitchen
  2. Puppet Theatre
  3. Doctor Kit
  4. Magnatiles
  5. Play couches
  6. Pikler Triangle
  7. Duplo lego

The common theme with these toys for the most part is that they are open-ended. When there is no one right way to play, it allows a toy to be adaptable to a child’s age and ability. This makes toys long-lasting and used over a wide age range which help reduce clutter, saves money and reduces the quantity of toys ultimately ending up in the landfill.