Building Forts and Memories with Our Kids

Building Forts and Memories with Our Kids

What is it about forts that makes them so timeless? There’s just something universally magical and nostalgic about building them. Ask any adult if they built forts as a kid, and the answer is usually a resounding yes. They can probably even tell you where, when and with what they built their favourite forts. 

I have vivid memories of turning my sister’s bunk bed into a hidden cave. And memories of hanging blankets down over the staircase in my childhood home and moving bookcases around to get the perfect blanket roof height.

Fort making is not a fad. Forts are here to stay.

Fort-building combines so many lessons for children into one activity whether it be sharing, imaginative play, gross motor skills development, creativity and maybe a lesson about gravity. 

As parents, we don’t all enjoy pretend play with our children such as participating in make believe scenes with dolls or pretending to be a sick patient. We can feel guilty for avoiding or not fully-participating with our kids in these types of play that don’t always hold our interest.

Fort-building provides a way to play creatively with our kids and still have fun. And when we are having a good time, our kids can tell and in turn we are effectively creating more meaningful happy memories together for them and for us.

We remember our favourite forts as a kid, wouldn’t it be nice for our kids if those memories building amazing forts included us?