Places To Store Your Play Couch

Places To Store Your Play Couch

A common comment we hear from families is, “I don’t know where I am going to put the play couch!.” We get it! Sometimes we feel like our homes are full of so much stuff there is just no more room for one more thing. So here are some places we see families keeping their playcouches.


The easiest place to plop down your play couch. And when your kids are playing with something else it makes perfect seating for the adults in the room. 

Family room

Some families keep their playcouch out all the time and use it as secondary seating. It also provides a great alternative to the family sofa for those who like to eat and drink on the couch as they know that it is easy to clean up or wash the covers after any spills. We also see families who tuck some of the pieces behind or underneath the sofa as well to keep it out of use or partially out of use.


Another common way to split up the couch is to keep several pieces in each child’s bedroom to have their own chair. In fact, when some families consider purchasing a second nursery chair, the playcouch pieces can provide the perfect solution as a comfy place for nighttime stories. Our large top mat alone or on top of the bottom layer of the couch can be used as a cot for sleepovers so some parents even keep it out in their bedroom to leave a space for any overnight visitors who are not necessarily wanted in their parent's bed.

play couch made in to chair on floor in a bedroom

play couch pieces surround a mattress in a bedroom on the floor


navy play couch pieces into a small kid chair on floor of a pink bedroom



For the homes that really have play couches for times when grandkids come over but don’t need to be out all the time, tucking the couch pieces away in a closet can be a great solution. The large mat folds in half to be 33”x33” inches so the pieces can be hidden away.

 play couch pieces stacked in a hallway

Spare Bedroom

Some of us are lucky enough to have an extra bedroom in our homes for guests or a home office. These rooms often contain less "stuff" and make the perfect place to tuck away a couch not in use.


In a Corner

Stacked like this, the play couch footprint is only 33 inches x 21 inches. 



Sometimes the stuff that is taking up precious space in our  homes is not even used frequently and we would be better off without it at all. Take a look around and see if there are unused toys or furniture would be better used by another family.