Running out of time for Christmas deliveries

Running out of time for Christmas deliveries

There is still time, but not much if you plan to get a Barumba Play™ couch for Christmas this year.

As of today, November 24th we are shipping out of our warehouse in 1-3 days. Deliveries within Ontario are arriving within a few days and deliveries outside of Ontario are taking between 1-2 weeks. As we come to the end of the week (and Black Friday occurs), shipping carriers will become swamped and timelines will likely increase. We would encourage you to make your purchase sooner rather than later to avoid getting caught up in these delays.

While it is ideal to open your play couch as soon as possible, it can stay compressed in the box if need be until Christmas morning. We think it would be fun to open it in advance and have it ready for play in a fun build for Christmas morning. BUT, if that is not possible, not to fret, just know that it will just take a little longer for your play couch to fully fluff up and for the foam to become fully firm. 

Happy Holidays

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