Rainy day activities for kids using your play couch

Rainy day activities for kids using your play couch

Some days are just miserable. Those days when the rain doesn’t stop all day. The sky is grey. The air smells like worms. Other than a quick puddle jump, you mostly want to stay inside. When you have young kids, staying inside of course does not mean cozying up with a blanket and a book. It means all-day indoor entertainment. It means feeling like you are a camp counsellor planning all-day activities.

Fortunately, the play couch is there to make your indoor-entertaining much easier. So many of the ways to play are based on different types of play like pretend play, active play and more. This makes the play couch feel like a new toy even if you are just changing the game.

Here are some ways to help fill your rainy days with a a play couch

Fort Building

A classic! Who (including mom and dad) don’t love a good fort build? Add in some blankets for an awesome roof. If you are up for it, let them add in the sofa cushions for an even more epic fort. Our arches make great tunnels for cool entrances and our big connected rectangle piece makes a sturdy wall or a long roof. 

It’s ShowTime

It is easy to set up some of your play couch pieces like a stage for singing, dancing and acting. If you have a karaoke machine or string lights add them to for some extra ambience. You can even let them set up their stuffed animals in the audience to have a crowd! In our house, Frozen songs can play for hours on repeat so this is always an activity that takes up a lot of time.

Dr. Office

With so many Barumba Play pieces, it is possible to turn one play couch into a doctor office and a waiting room. Treat those stuffies ailments one patient at a time.

Puppet theatre

Using the arch piece on top of a rectangle make a great puppet theatre. Use dolls, stuffed animals, anything you have around if you don’t have actual puppets to take turns putting on shows.


Using the large mat for somersault and cartwheel practice is always good for a 30 minute activity. Make sure to supervise your kids and ensure they only play within their limits. After gymnastics camp this summer, this became a daily routine in our house to practice many types of floor activities using the play couch. 

Do you have other ways you like to use your play couch on rainy days, tag us on Instagram in your photos!