Play Couch Birthday Party

Play Couch Birthday Party

How do you use a play couch for a birthday party?

Play couches have been the hot new toy the last couple of years. They are endlessly versatile and make a great at home activity for birthday parties. Here are some ways to use your play couch to make the best foam birthday party ever!


smiling boy wears a birthday crown and the background is filled with ablloons

Birthday Party Play Couch Builds with 1 Play Couch

Team build challenges

Give them a challenge. Let them work together against the clock  to build a car, a fort or a big chair for the birthday boy or girl. If you have multiple play couches, then you can split the kid into two groups to race against each other. Winner gets to destroy the build from the other team.

young boy wearing red sits on barumba play couch grey cushions that are built as a bulldozer

Put on a show

Turn your play couch into a stage and let them dress up, sing, dance and do performances for each other. One play couch couch is enough to build a stage and seats for an audience.

grey barumba play couch set up as a stage and audience

Free Play

Kids just want to have fun. Have the play couch set up in a fun build when the kids arrive and let them build whatever their hearts desire!

young girl crawls through navy barumba play couch arch. grey wall in background with a frame with blurried art on the wall.

Birthday Party Play Couch Builds with 2 Play Couches


If you have a room where the walls are able to become a part of the maze, this allows you to make an even bigger one. Turn the rectangles to face the sky or double them up to make them taller. You can put the arch on top of the rectangle to have windows in your maze, or put the semi-circle in the arch to have solid walls. When the kids figure out how to get through the maze, simply change the direction of a few shapes and the maze is new again.

To make it more challenging, you can hide objects in the maze to turn it into a treasure hunt. Another option is to hide letters that reveal a hidden message like what a special dessert or movie will be. 

two kids going through a play couch maze

Obstacle course

This is a great way to play with kids of different ages. If there are 5-6 year olds playing, then they LOVE when two arches fit together like a circle with a hole in the middle to do somersaults through a ring of fire! The 3-4 year old crowd love when the connected mat is inverted like a  mountain and they get to climb up and down the mountain. For the 2-3 year old crowd, the triangle makes the perfect spot to help them slide or do assisted somersaults. The arm rests make great steps to climb or jump over. They also work great as bases for the arches to make a tunnel to crawl through. 

barumba play couches set up as an obstacle course


Movie party

Set up the cushions as different seats to make a home movie theatre. Let them eat snacks because the cushion covers are removable and waterproof so any mess can be easily cleaned up after the fun.

kids at a movie night birthday party sitting on barumba play couches

No matter how you decide to use the play couch as part of your birthday party, we guarantee it will be a hit. Kids love creative play and will have an amazing time! Happy Birthday to your kiddo!