Marie Kondo-Ing the Playroom

Marie Kondo-Ing the Playroom

When Marie Kondo took the world by storm a few years ago, families all over the world were decluttering their homes and folding their shirts in ways their mothers never could have imagined. Her concept of keeping only what “sparks joy” had us viewing our possessions in a new light. Now we have found that families are applying her philosophy into the playroom. 

“My kids have too many toys”. This is a statement we hear regularly. Between birthday and holiday presents, hand-me-downs and giving in to a new toy at Walmart to stop the crying- parents are feeling overwhelmed with stuff. 

More and more parents are taking a new approach to the playroom by only keeping toys that serve their families and letting go of the toys that don’t earn their space in the home. Any parent at this exact moment, probably doesn’t even need to move from where they are seated to spot a toy or two. 

We are seeing families being more thoughtful with the toys they allow in their homes. They are choosing toys that their child(ren) will use for more years, toys that are easy to store and toys that often contain no electronics. By curating the toys in their home towards the toys that their kids use more often, they can clear out the toys that are rarely used or do not entertain them for more than a few moments.

It is no surprise that here at Barumba Play™ our tagline is “toys that do more” as we want to be a part of this movement and help provide families with the types of toys that allow them to own less stuff. We envision a future where homes are not overwhelmed with toy clutter and parents feel like their home is their space too.