two young girls in a bedroom playing and dancing

Keeping your kids active while playing indoors

As much as we all love a good puddle jump, we can’t spend all day outside on a rainy (or freezing cold or boiling hot day). Or when the baby is napping. Or when a repair person is expected. Or when…. you get the point. Sometimes we want our kids to burn off some energy before bedtime without a trip to the park.

Here are some fun ways to get them active without opening the front door.


Dance Freeze 

An oldie but a goodie! Turn any song on and pause it at random intervals for everyone to stop dancing when the music stops. There is even a “Dance Freeze” song on Spotify that will do the work for you. Just put on the song and let your kids play over and over and over again.

There is also a “Floor is Lava” song that kids LOOOVEEE to dance to. 

two young girls play and dance in a bright bedroom

Maneuver through Laser Beams

Pick a narrow hallway in the home and tape streamers horizontally between the two walls in all sorts of random spots. Tape one side high and one side low.  Let your kids weave through the streamers to make it from one side to the other without knocking down the laser beams (aka the streamers). Play Mission Impossible for extra intensity!

Kids making their way through hallway crisscrossed by crepe paper to make a laser maze

Play Couch

A play couch works wonders for using up energy indoors. Have the kids make some builds themselves or turn your foam pieces into a gymnastics mat or obstacle course. They can turn the largest piece into a stair slide and will spend ages go up and down the slide. Or build a tower to jump off into a ballpit or crashpad. 


Indoor Jungle Gym

These take up a lot of space but they sure are fun. Some are made out of wood and lower to the ground for younger kids, while other brands gets quite complicated and are secured to the ceiling or wall. They can involve monkey bars, slides, rope and more. They are basically a residential version of a playground.

Wooden Swedish Ladder Wall Set Sport-4 - Wedanta Kids


Compete in a foot race from one of the basement to the other. Make it more challenging and compete in a crab walk. See who can race the slowest. Or the lowest. Or the silliest. 


Have a ball to play a round of soccer inside? What about letting one of the kids lead the others in yoga or another aerobic activity. They will have fun taking turns playing teacher and student. 

Youtube Videos

There are some great fitness videos on Youtube of kids doing karate, dance and yoga that kids can follow along to at home. 

Bringing Yoga for Kids to Life with Cosmic Kids Yoga - Yogamatters Blog


Jump away that energy on a trampoline! Play a trivia game while jumping or put on some tunes.

Little Tikes 3' Trampoline

We know it can be hard to fill the hours when we are stuck inside all day, but with a little creativity or imagination we can turn these days of boredom into fun family memories.