How To Build Chairs Out Of Your Play Couch

How To Build Chairs Out Of Your Play Couch

We keep finding new ways to build chairs all of the time but here are some of our favourites.

Your play couch can be turned into a chair sitting on the ground. You can add two rectangles to give some height to your chair, or if you are feeling really adventurous you can turn your large rectangles to be standing upright for an even taller chair. Please make sure there is an adult standing by because this build is really tall!


women sitting on a play couch as a chair on the ground

two little girls sitting on a play couch built in to a chair off the ground

little girl builds a chair that is very tall in the air out of her play couch


Other seating arrangements involve turning your play couch into a restaurant booth or a tea party.

two little girls sit as restaurant booth play couch build

play couch built into tea time table and two chairs

We also have endless formations that make perfect bedroom chairs.

play couch pieces as chair in bedroom


chair play couch build in a bedroom in grey



little girl sitting on a play couch in a small chair play couch build


The possibilities are truly endless. What type of chair will you build out of your play couch?