Case Study: Empowering Children with Down Syndrome with the Barumba Play™ couch

Case Study: Empowering Children with Down Syndrome with the Barumba Play™ couch


Children with Down Syndrome often face physical challenges, including hypotonia, a condition characterized by low muscle tone. This can make it difficult for them to achieve important physical milestones. In this case study, we explore how the Barumba Play™ Couch became an essential tool in helping a young boy overcome these challenges and reach his physical milestones. 

Customer Profile:

Customer Name: Maria

Child's Name: Salem

Condition: Down Syndrome with Hypotonia


The Challenge:

Salem, like many children with Down Syndrome, experienced hypotonia, which made it challenging for him to develop muscle strength and coordination. Basic tasks such as climbing, standing, and balancing were particularly difficult for him.

The Solution:

Maria, Salem's mother, discovered the Barumba Play™ Couch, a versatile toy frequently used to work on gross motor skills, to promote physical activity and development in children. Recognizing its potential to aid Salem's progress, Maria decided to give it a try.


Maria incorporated the Barumba Play™ Couch into Salem's daily routine, using it as a tool to help him build strength, balance, and coordination. Maria states, "With the play couch, I can put one piece and get him to sit on it and reach from his core to get something. And then when he gets good at that, we can put the two pieces up and he can reach from the core to get that. Having all these options for him, for crawling, for getting up and down off the couch, this has become an integral piece to him moving forward quicker."

On Choosing the Barumba Play™ Couch:

"I love the amount of pieces. It's not too much, it's not too little. They all work really well together. I feel like this is the full package," says his mother Maria. "We use it for setting up a hill. And he climbs up and down the hill, balancing himself out so he doesn't tip off either side. That's good for his balance and muscle groups. I'm not sure how else he would really engage safely."


Over time, Salem's consistent use of the Barumba Play™ Couch yielded impressive results:

His muscle tone improved and coordination improved as he continued to play each day with the Barumba Play™ couch in various ways targeting different skills and muscle groups. "We use it  literally all day, every day for so many things. But right now, the biggest thing that we've used it for is getting on and off things."

Salem gained confidence in his physical abilities, allowing him to attempt new challenges. His balance and coordination showed remarkable progress, enabling him to perform tasks that were once challenging. 


The Barumba Play™ Couch proved to be an invaluable tool in Salem's developmental journey. By addressing the physical challenges associated with down syndrome and hypotonia, it empowered him to overcome challenges and reach essential physical milestones. Maria's decision to incorporate the play couch into their daily routine was a game-changer, fostering Salem's physical and emotional growth.