DIY Geometric Accent Wall

DIY Geometric Accent Wall

Something that seems to come up a lot from using my own house as a backdrop for photos is questions about the feature wall in my basement. Until the pandemic our walls were all white and after spending so much time down there playing, we craved colour. 

I had seen similar accent walls done on Pinterest and it seems like something two not-so-crafty people could pull off. My husband grabbed a roll of painter’s tape and put tape on the walls at random to create shapes. The only rule was that we did not want any perfect squares. 


We took our kids to Home Depot to help choose paint colours and only needed to purchase the $5 sample size jars. Since we selected five colours this meant that the entire project only cost $25.

We took a photo of the taped-up wall and used a phone colouring app to colour in the shapes and see if the wall would feel balanced. This was probably the most important step in terms of planning that we didn’t accidentally have two shapes beside each other with the same colour.

We also decided to tape the entire perimeter of the wall avoid having to paint against the ceiling.

At first we only did one half wall in our basement with this style but we still had a lot of paint left! So we decided to extend the design across the basement and fill in the rest with colour too.

It was such a simple easy project to do that makes our basement feel bright and fun. There is so much connection between our personal mental health and our homes. Having one more space that feels bright and inviting can only bring more positivity to our lives.