9 Ways to Entertain A Toddler With a Newborn

9 Ways to Entertain A Toddler With a Newborn

Before you get busy with your newborn, locate the sippy cup for your toddler. Once you are busy with the baby, your toddler will immediately be thirsty. Now that that’s out of the way, here are 9 ways to keep your toddler busy while you are busy feeding, changing or burping your baby.

1. Screen-time

We all need to use screen-time as a babysitter sometimes. If Peppa Pig will entertain your toddler so you can put the baby down for a nap, then everyone is happy. 

2. Simple puzzles 

You want the activity to be long enough to entertain your child, but not too difficult that they need much help. For a slightly older child, matching or magnet dress-up games may work well. As long as it is something safe (no risk of eating small pieces) you are good.

3Play Couch

A play couch provides a great way for a toddler to play with mom or dad nearby. Set up a fun build for your toddler that is not easy to knock over to keep them playing for longer independently, without you needing to set it up again. A play couch with many pieces, such as the Barumba Play couch, can entertain multiple children at the same time. You may even be able to use certain shaped pieces for baby to play with your supervision for tummy time or propped-up sitting.

4. Snack-Time

Preferably a snack that will entertain them or take a while to get through. Milk (or chocolate milk) with a straw will get you an easy 10 minutes of making bubbles but generally the mess will stay contained. 

5. Talk or Sing Together

Sometimes when your hands are busy with a baby, it is the perfect time to chat and sing songs with your other little one(s). You may not be physically available but you can be verbally and emotionally available. 

6. Get them their own baby

So many kids love to play a nurturing role and love to have their own baby to care for. There are even pint-sized strollers, high chairs and cribs if you want to get them the relevant accessories.

7. Put on a show for you

Do you have a little entertainer that likes to belt out tunes? Now is their time to shine. Relax on the couch to feed the baby while the big kid in the house gets your attention and praise with their song or dance.

8. Special toy time

Is there some type of special toy that will keep your toddler engaged and busy when you need a few minutes? Whether it’s stickers or a flashlight or anything they are normally not allowed to play with, the special treat can be enough to occupy them for a few minutes.

9. Little Helper

Is there any role that your toddler can do to feel like a big kid and help out? Bring you a fresh diaper? Kiss the baby goodnight? Little ones love to feel like special big kids and they may have more patience for the baby when they feel like a big helper.