5 Mental Health Accounts To Follow on Instagram

5 Mental Health Accounts To Follow on Instagram

In the last number of years, mental health has come to the forefront of our attention as we navigate the pandemic as well as large scale fundraisers like Bell Let’s Talk Day. Since the pandemic began, mental health issues began to impact more of us than ever before.

The Barumba Play™ origin story is founded in burnout during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic lockdown when schools were closed and many parents found themselves working from home and playing teacher in a scary new world.

May is Mental Health Awareness month so we are sharing 5 of our favourite accounts to follow on Instagram that talk about mental health. Most of these focus on maternal mental health. After the postpartum period, it seems all resources dry up for mothers navigating mental health issues. So we wanted to highlight some accounts that share resources, advice and education on various mental health issues often faced in motherhood that are not talked about nearly enough.

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  1. Emily Bruth Burnout Management Coach @emilybruth

Helping busy professionals create work-life balance. Check her out on Tiktok for funny and relatable videos about work/life balance and burnout.

     2. Dr. Ashley Margeson Burnout Support @drashleymargeson

Helping busy women harness their hormones to infuse life back into their lifestyle.

Check out her podcast The Superwoman Code focusing on our physical and mental health.

     3. Dr. Ream Moms Mental Health @psychedmommy

Teaching moms about parental burnout and loss of identity in motherhood. Check out her page for lots of content that will make you go, “other people feel like this too?”

     4. Jenn Moms Maternal Health @momsmaternalhealth

Helping pregnant people and new moms worry less as they navigate motherhood. She covers everything from postpartum anxiety and depression to why its so hard to ask for help.

      5. Kate Borsato Moms Mental Health @kateborsato

Education and advice on how to handle mom rage, symptoms of anxiety and societal expectations for motherhood.