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The Play Couch That Supports Your Child Between Therapy Sessions

Foster gross motor skill development with a modular foam kids' couch

Recommended by occupational therapists as an effective aid for enhancing gross motor skills at home


1. Learn to climb or pull to stand

The Barumba Play™ Couch provides a safe place for your child to practice essential skills like climbing and pulling up to stand. With its cushioned but firm design, it's the ideal training ground for building strength and confidence.

2. Stand and cruise along the couch

Encourage your child to take those first steps and cruise along the play couch. Its modular construction allows them to explore at their own pace, offering a safe environment to build balance and mobility.

3. Climb up & down or jump off

Let your child hone their climbing abilities while ensuring their safety. They can climb up and down or even take a leap off the play couch, improving coordination and agility. With each practice session, they build the skills needed for more complex physical activities.

4. Balance & Stability

As they explore different positions and scenarios, they'll develop a stronger sense of balance. This helps prepare them for various activities and builds a foundation for overall motor skill development.

5. Work on Motor Planning

Older children can independently construct play couch builds, enhancing their cognitive abilities while boosting motor skills. It's a holistic approach to learning that promotes both creativity and coordination.

6. Enhance Body Awareness

The Barumba Play™ Couch facilitates activities that increase your child's awareness of their body in space. These movements help them become more in tune with their physical abilities.

What Families Are Saying


"My granddaughter was struggling to learn to cruise so I bought her the barumba play couch. With the different shapes and sizes, she not only learned to cruise but did it with confidence and a smile. It's been lovely to watch her development."

Linda S
Winnipeg, MB

"As a working mom, getting time off work to take my son to physical therapy sessions is always a struggle. The Barumba Couch changed the game. My husband and I can easily create extra therapy sessions at home. My son's progress has been remarkable, and we no longer worry about juggling work and therapy appointments. It's been a lifesaver."

Jessica T
Calgary, AB

"Financial constraints made it difficult for us to attend therapy sessions as often as we'd like. The Barumba Play Couch allowed us to continue therapy at home without the added expense. Our child's motor skills have improved significantly. It's a priceless addition to our home."

Melissa R
Toronto, ON

"Before the Barumba Play Couch, we had to improvise with rolled-up towels and pillows to create safe spaces for gross motor skill practice. It was far from ideal. But now, we have a dedicated and safe area for our 2 year old twin toddlers to explore, practice, and develop essential skills. It's made a world of difference.

Paul N
West Bloomfield, MI

"We initially purchased the Barumba Play for help with our son's autism therapy. Little did we know, it would become a family favorite. While it's been a game-changer for our son's therapy, it's also a source of endless fun for our other kids. Highly recommend!

Anisha P
Chicago, IL

Continue the progress at home by practicing the skills learned at therapy with a Barumba Play™ couch.

*Reimbursable by government funding programs or insurance in some locations.